Android studio is a new IDE for app developers. Among other benefits it provides a great environment to automate integration process. We build a plugin to simplify the Nativer inztegration process: with couple of clicks it can be done in less than 5 minutes. Try it - see details on Github



Plugin on Github



We prepared a new version of Nativer with a little demo application, to show how the great user and translator experience.

The animation on the left just show a preview what you can expect.

Download Nativer form GooglePlay and try it yourself



Get Nativer


Transround is a startup company founded in november 2013.

We believe that people best use their mobile phone if they can experience the Native Language Comfort. The current localization business model does not support that believe, and we think it is outdated. 

Our goal is to revolutionize mobile application localization by technology, process and business innovation.

Transround’s solution delivers user feedback to developers to size the localization opportunity;  implements on-device translation and dynamic distribution technology.  It completely separates the localization work from the software development process ensuring streamlined change management and lets developers focus on their core business.

Transround turns localization into a content product so the service is sustainable and free for developers.