App localization - Android

Easy and free app localization service for developers

The Transround app localization SDK adds dynamic resource management functionality to Android apps. It is implemented for:

  • Translating apps into any language using smartphones with immediate preview

  • Distributing language resources on-the-fly to end users

Transround provides full app localization services around its SDK implemented by Transround Nativer Android app and services.

What is translated?
The app resources and the Google Play marketing text.

Into what languages?
Into all languages with real user demand.

How much does it cost?
It is free for app developers and publishers.

See how it works:

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How it works

Comparison with existing localization services

Triple your served market

Suffering from saturated markets and fierce competition?
There are more than 1,000,000,000 potential new users for your Android app. But they do not speak English.
They will not find your app, will not use your app and will not pay for your app – unless you localize.
App localization opens up a 1Bn new market and let you find enthusiastic users.


Users will love your app

Users can request or add your app to the wish-list in their own language.
Users can contribute to translating your app while using it.
Users will use your app for language learning and practicing with a shake.
… and they will love to show it to their friends.


Nativer is the one and only developer friendly Android app localization service

We turn the complex mobile app localization process into one simple technology task.
Build in the Nativer SDK once and we do the rest. You can focus on the core features.
By detaching the localization distribution and lifecycle management you shorten time to market, simplify change management and make the most out of your marketing budget.